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“Truly Passionate and Dedicated”

Mr. Kasman stands out from other lawyers within the legal community of Toronto. Not only does he have an impeccable work ethic but he is truly passionate and dedicated to his clients and their cases. Mr. Kasman devoted many years to our family’s case, to which we are truly grateful. He went above and beyond our expectations and achieved a win for our case involving the WSIB.

O.J. & Family

“An Excellent Job”
Mr. Kasman did an excellent job for me in getting substantial retroactive WSIB benefits for the past nine years.


“Very Grateful”

Mr. Kasman is a great lawyer. He is a very honest person who helped me get CPP disability benefits as a result of a Social Security Tribunal appeal. I am very grateful.


“Advocated Successfully”

Sheldon Kasman has advocated successfully on my behalf at WSIB and WSIAT to obtain for me full Loss of Earnings benefits and also obtain an increase in my Non-Economic Loss benefits from 10% to 50%.


“Greatly Appreciated”

Dear Mr. Sobel,

On behalf of my family, I would like to say thank you ever so much for your guidance and patience. Your consideration to our circumstances has been greatly appreciated and will not be forgotten.

O.P., Client in Real Estate / Estates Matter

“Professional and Trusted”

The most experienced, professional and trusted lawyers in the city!

Y.M., Bank Financial Advisor

“Excellent Job”

I had a workplace accident about 8 years ago. I hired Sheldon Kasman to handle my WSIB case. He did an excellent job for me. I can recommend him to anyone.


“Heartfelt Thanks and Appreciation”

We are writing you to thank you, Sheldon, and your team for the outstanding work you did on our behalf. Words cannot fully express our appreciation for your hard work and long hours. You were efficient and professional at all times. Your foresight on all matters of our case was truly remarkable. I owe the success and victory of our case to your dedication and perseverance, which you showed throughout the three years that you handled our case. It goes without saying that we will always refer to your firm if the need ever arises that I shall need any legal assistance again.

Once again our heartfelt thanks and appreciation for a job well done!

J & F

“Exceptional Knowledge”

In the past, my husband and I engaged the services of Mr. Sobel on several occasions when purchasing and selling our homes. Mr. Sobel and his staff were professional and thorough when processing all legal matters concerning both the purchases and sales of our properties. Mr. Sobel’s knowledge became extremely evident when we were faced with the acquisition of our present home. It required exceptional knowledge of Ontario real estate law. The staff and Mr. Sobel worked diligently to ensure that we acquired the property without incurring unnecessary legal costs and problems. The vendors had neglected to pay both their first and second mortgages and had further attached personal liens against the property. Mr. Sobel and staff worked to the last minute to ensure that all existing liens against the property were discharged prior to the registration of the deed.

My husband and I also asked Mr. Kasman to advocate for us regarding an insurance claim. Mr. Kasman’s expertise and patience were outstanding. He and his staff meticulously went through every aspect of the case. Mr. Kasman does not only advocate, he educates and involves his client on every aspect of the law as it pertains to the case. We had total understanding of our legal options and potential outcome.


“Thanks to the Firm”

I had a workplace accident in August 2006 when I fell off a roof over 29 feet high. The WSIB repeatedly tried to block my entitlement to WSIB benefits, including loss of earnings benefits. Thanks to Sheldon L. Kasman and the firm of Sheldon L. Kasman & Associate LLP for their hard work in fighting the WSIB so that I am receiving WSIB benefits, including loss of earnings benefits and will be receiving these WSIB benefits for the next 30 years.


“One-Stop Top-Notch Legal Service”

As an entire family, we have been very satisfied and happy clients of Sheldon L. Kasman & Associate LLP for many years (decades). Over this time, among other legal advice received and valuable services, we have acquired and sold various real estate properties with the wonderful help of Herschel Sobel. His keen eyes and meticulous review of all of our legal documents helped us, on several occasions, to avoid grave mistakes (in hindsight, his incredible advice saved us from awful financial problems). Herschel is always abreast of the rules and regulations of the real estate market and is patient to explain everything in terms we understand. He typically goes above and beyond in thinking ahead and offering us options and important things to think about. Thanks to Herschel, we have made fabulous decisions and we have avoided unnecessary costs and aggravation due to poor decisions.

Besides real estate, Herschel is a wonderful legal asset for business owners. We own a successful family business and we would not trust anyone else to cover our legal needs. He has guided us several times through incorporating and dissolving our business ventures, among other related services. Again, we relied on his solid knowledge and expertise in these matters.

Thanks to both Mr. Herschel Sobel and Mr. Sheldon Kasman, our wills and power of attorney papers are always current as we navigate through turbulence in our lives. In case we have any issue or question on any legal matters, they are only a phone call away. We never experience long wait times for their response and, on all occasions, they took a genuine interest in solving our legal issues in a timely fashion. We are very grateful for our long productive relationships with Sheldon L. Kasman & Associate LLP.

R.R. & Family

“My Highest Recommendation”

As we are a personal injury firm, we do not deal in matters of real estate, estates or commercial law. I have always referred my real estate matters to Herschel Sobel of Sheldon L. Kasman & Associate LLP. I find his services to be outstanding. He is a solicitor with a thorough knowledge of real estate law. I have referred numerous clients to Mr. Sobel for real estate matters and I have no hesitation in giving him my highest recommendation.


“Nothing But Praise”

Mr. Sheldon Kasman acted for us on three different occasions. In 1999, he acted with regard to gasoline contamination at our place of business. No law firm wanted to take the case, but Mr. Kasman took the case and won a good settlement for us at reasonable rates. We have a lot of respect for Mr. Kasman for settling this complicated issue.

Then, in 2006, Mr. Kasman acted for us in the settlement of the death of our granddaughter. He fought tooth and nail for us and again got a large settlement at a reasonable cost.

We have nothing but praise for Mr. Kasman and his staff. At times they were working 7 days a week, on holidays, etc., there was nothing to stop them from getting justice for us.

Mr. Kasman is still acting for us today on a 3rd case in 2013. Again nothing but praise for him and his staff.


“Extremely Happy With the Service”

I have known the firm of Sheldon L. Kasman & Associate LLP for more than 25 years. All my clients that I have referred to this firm have been extremely happy with the service they received and with the way the firm has dealt with them. They take the extra time and effort to explain in detail all the conditions relating to the buying and selling of their home.

What has impressed me the most is that from time to time when problems have arisen, both Mr. Herschel Sobel and Mr. Sheldon Kasman have worked on the weekends to resolve these issues, even when the client has been out of the country.

D.A., Real Estate Agent

“The Best Lawyer That I Have Ever Met in the Field of Real Estate Law”

I have hired Herschel C. Sobel in the past and would hire him in the future to perform commercial real estate services on my behalf. Not only are his fees and disbursements reasonable, but he is the best lawyer that I have ever met in the field of real estate law.

Herschel Sobel went out of his way to ensure not only that my real estate issues, including a mortgage transaction, were solved in a first class manner, but also that the lawyer on the other side of the transaction did his duties properly. I have had to deal with lawyers on several properties in the past, but have found Herschel Sobel’s expertise to be fabulous. I strongly recommend that you retain his services for real estate and mortgage transactions.

His partner, Sheldon L. Kasman, has been my lawyer for over nine years in connection with my Workplace Safety & Insurance Board (WSIB) and Workplace Safety & Insurance Appeals Tribunal (WSIAT) files. Sheldon Kasman is persistent and successful in making lawful demands on my behalf from the WSIB and WSIAT.

Sheldon Kasman is very knowledgeable about WSIB matters as demonstrated in my case and I would highly recommend him to represent you in cases of personal injury including motor vehicle collisions and slip and fall cases. Recently, my common-law wife retained Sheldon Kasman to act for her in connection with her WSIB case, and my wife and I have seen how Sheldon Kasman has “kept the wolves away” by providing the WSIB with required medical documentation.


“All of the Details Involved in Closing Our Sale”

Recently we bought and sold our homes. Mr. Sobel acted for me and my wife. He did a very professional job. He helped me a lot. I speak Portuguese and English. Mr. Sobel’s clerk was also professional.

Mr. Sobel took his time to explain to me all of the details involved in closing our sale, purchase and mortgage transactions. Within four days of the closing, Mr. Sobel provided us with his reporting letters regarding all of the transactions.

I would highly recommend Mr. Sobel to other clients.



My siblings and I have engaged in the expertise and professional  services of Mr. Herschel Sobel, along with his most dependable and hard working right hand Dianne Holden on several occasions when purchasing and selling our homes.

When we wanted to purchase our townhouse in Toronto, the back of the townhouse exited to a laneway. Mr. Sobel was concerned and took the time with Mrs. Holden and drove down and scouted the safety of the new location. 

This gesture hit home to me, as they are not only my trusted advisors, but they really care for my well-being and to make sure my safety was not at risk with the new purchase.

Mr. Sobel’s most recent professional recommendations was not to purchase a condominium that was an Assignment sale. In this market, I
would have had to pay the owner their original down payment to the builders along with the market value (at the time). Should for any reason the condo did not go up, I would have been out of pocket for the market value that I paid to the previous owner and there would have been all kinds of concerns when it came time to close with the developer.

Also, Mr. Herschel Sobel, Dianne Holden and Mr. Sheldon Kasman have facilitated the preparation and execution of our critical
estate planning. Our wills and power of attorney papers are now in order.

Mr. Sobel has also provided his prompt & professional Notarial Services when we transferred our motor vehicle ownership between siblings.

The entire staff at Sheldon L. Kasman & Associate LLP are so welcoming, each staff member knew our name(s) every time we called and when we entered their office. This is a professional office where relationships and trust are built on, it’s a lifetime bond.


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