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In order to properly convey your wishes during your lifetime or once you have passed away, an experienced lawyer should prepare the right legal documents for you, that is your will, your power of attorney for property and your power of attorney for personal care. Herschel Sobel will provide you with a consultation to discuss your individual needs. He can then prepare custom-made documents to meet your specific requirements.

Power of Attorney: Powers of attorney are documents which grant a trusted person or persons the power to act on your behalf. They are used during your lifetime, in such situations as banking or medical care, when you no longer have the ability to act for yourself.

Will and Testament: This legal document expresses your personal wishes concerning your possessions and your dependents after you pass away. Wills not only specify your requests but can bring organization and peace to your family after your passing.

If you have previously made a will and powers of attorney, we will review them to ensure that they still meet your needs.


Estate Legal Services: The passing of a loved one can bring loss and pain. In addition to the emotional weight of the situation, there are numerous administrative tasks involved in handling a person’s estate (i.e. possessions, assets), including distribution of assets and paying estate taxes. Rely on an experienced lawyer who has both the resources and knowledge to assist you in dealing with this overwhelming task. At Sheldon L. Kasman & Associate LLP, we handle the legal details so you and your family can focus on honouring your loved one’s life.

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